52. How to show up as a BOSS and avoid burnout with Cameka Smith (The Boss Network)

Season #2 Episode #52

Episode 52 - How to show up as a BOSS and avoid burnout

On this episode, I am chatting  with Cameka Smith. She is the founder of The BOSS NETWORK - a digital platform for business women of color.

On this episode, we are chatting about How To show up as a BOSS and avoid burnout!

  • About Cameka Smith:

She is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and trainer.

As the author of 7 Steps to Grow Your Professional Network: A Guide for College Graduates and Professionals in a Tough Economy, Cameka frequently travels to college campuses with her non-profit, BOSS On Campus and speaks on career development and leadership topics.

With a Master’s degree in Education, Cameka developed student academic programs for more than ten years.

She’s been featured in.,, Jet Magazine, The Network Journal, Adweek and more.

Working towards one simple goal, BOSS® is “Bringing Out Successful Sisters” to promote and encourage the small business spirit and professional development of women.

Under Cameka’s leadership, The BOSS Network has become one of the fastest-growing women business communities, providing support to women in their journey to become independent and successful utilizing the power of networking and technology.

Cameka currently resides in Chicago where she is actively involved in charity work and mentoring youth.

Enjoy the episode!

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